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Glasswash machines

Most glasswashing problems are caused by poor rinse action, either the premises water pressure is too low, rinse jets are blocked, or the rinse system is offering reduced quantities of hot water because of scaling or malfunction.

Poor filtration systems often allow the glasswasher wash jets to become blocked all too easily, resulting in poor washing.

Glasswash machines are mostly based on recycling the wash water per wash. Fresh water machines change the water per wash using the regular rinse water to do the next wash.

Machines tend to come in three sizes, 40 sq cm. basket (16 pint), 45 sq. cm. basket (25 pint) and 50 sq. cm. basket (30 pint).

The price of machines varies with the technology. Inexpensive machines can be the older electrical control, lower specification type. Mid price machines can be the more modern electronic control, higher spec. type. And finally the expensive machine which will have a high spec. and extras such as rinse pumps, chemical pumps and perhaps even a water softener added.

There are sink glasswash machines which are used extensively in continental Europe which do a good job in removing lipstick, grease, soil and seemingly limescale deposits. These wash single glasses in cold or hand hot water.

  1. Clenaware Sovereign machines 40, 45, 50
  2. Delfin glasswashers TS 1100, TS 2100