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Glasscare Management & Training

Glasscare Audit, Demonstration, and Training


Effective training is arguably the best investment a business can make. Training can assist in developing a well motivated and aware staff who by becoming more responsible can add hugely to the bottom line and hence the value of a business.

Perfectpint.ie offer a glasscare audit, and problem solving demonstration as part of a training session aimed at raising standards particularly in glasscare and generally in overall management as a byproduct



  • Overall trade pattern and glass turnover analysis.

  • Water break test re current condition of glassware

  • Glasswasher examination re washing and rinsing effectiveness

  • Analysis of water hardness and chemical usage

  • Glassware storage and handling, management system appraisal.



  • Demonstration to staff of water break procedure.

  • Glasswasher maintenance schedule, daily, weekly, monthly tasks demonstrated 

  • Glass renovation demonstration




  • As part of the idea of Continuous Improvement, effective training is a matter of raising awareness and empowering staff, and providing for quality communications. 

  • Training takes place during the Audit and Demonstration modules. An individual and/or group are seeing how an issue i.e. glasscare can be understood and improved in a simple but practical and sustainable way. A responsible person or team will be trained into a planned maintenance system which as well as providing for continuous improvement in the area of glasscare can also be used to enhance and develop any other aspect of the business.

  1. Audit

  2. Demonstration

  3. Training