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How to stay film free


Daily tasks.

  • Clean filters, (top main square filter if fitted, and tank filter).
  • Clean wash jets (large jets) located on top and bottom wash arms or bars.
  • Ensure wash tank is free from pips, cloves, bits of glass etc. and clean.
  • Ensure wash bar rotates freely, if not, remove and clean under centre bearing.
  • Ensure Detergent/Protobrite Ultra and Rinse Aid/Krystal Klear Ultra (if used) is available.
  • Pre treat glasses with Quash lipstick/soil remover prior to washing.


Weekly tasks. (or after an occasional session when machine is not in daily use)

  • Ensure rinse bars rotate freely.
  • Clean rinse jets on top and bottom bars (small jets), if necessary.
  • Clean machine by adding one scoop of Renovate to wash water, and operate machine through four wash cycles, drain.
  • Wipe tank clean and brush clean door recesses.
  • Check levels of detergent and rinse aid.


Monthly Glassware refurbishment.

  • Restore glasses by adding three scoops of Renovate powder to the wash water.
  • Insert a basket of glasses and complete two wash cycles.
  • Remove basket and rinse glasses thoroughly without any delay.
  • Top up with one scoop after every four baskets washed.


This procedure removes film or stain from glasses ensuring good head retention, and also restores gas break-out in lager glasses by removing film from the bottom etching.

If your water is hard/limey use Profos de-scaler weekly to remove limescale from the wash tank and wash system.

**In addition comply with particular machine manufacturers maintenance and cleaning instructions.