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The Perfect Pint Process

Perfect Pint have developed a simple 5 step solution that, if followed correctly with the recommended products, will guarantee perfect glass washing results.

CHECK - Water Quality

Check Solution

Perfect Water Filter


The Perfect Water Filter combines various technologies to treat ‘hard’ water and improve water quality to support excellent results from the glass washing process.

  • The Perfect Water Filter is an ultra-high capacity water filter (57.500 litres @180ppm)

  • Engineered to support the glass washing process.

  • Combines nano-energy technology with a 3 µm carbon block filter enhancing both the performance of the machine and the quality of the wash.


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A chat with Heineken's Ian Reidy

A chat with Heineken's Ian Reidy

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Step behind the scenes of the legendary Kiln Bar at Heineken Headquarters in Cork, as Ian Reidy delves into the captivating world of glass care, Discover the secrets behind Heineken's commitment to excellence and how Perfect Pint's groundbreaking solutions are shaping the future of glass washing.