Clenaware Jubilee 50 Dish washer (30 amp Single Phase)

Clenaware Jubilee 50 Dish washer (30 amp Single Phase)

SKU: CS-A0035

Fresh Water Wash.

The Jubilee 50 Dishwasher is a “Fresh Water Wash” machine which means the last wash is exactly the same as the first. The “Fresh Water Wash” system replaces the wash water every time to ensure you obtain the same consistent cleaning result.


Three Wash Cycles.

The Jubilee 50 Dishwasher offers 3 wash cycles for the best washing results. A light, medium and heavy soil cycle can be chosen to ensure that the right wash is used each time. The simple soft touch controls make the machine easy to use. The Jubilee 50 also has a special ‘close down’ cycle which is used at the end of the washing day, saving you time as no manual shutdown is required.


Flexible Electrical & Water Installation. 

The Jubilee 50 Dishwasher offers a flexible connection which means it can be run as a single phase 30 Amp, 13 Amp or three phase connection. The Jubilee 50 can also run from a Hot or Cold water supply (Gravity or Mains).


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