Clenaware TD 50 Dish washing Machine( 30 amp, Single Phase)

SKU: CS-A0037

Designed for Healthcare.

The TD50 Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher has been designed and built for the healthcare sector. The TD50 is a Thermal Disinfection machine that provides the most hygienic wash to all crockery and utensils. Thermal disinfection works by achieving a moist heat which is set at a specific temperature for a set amount of time. Viruses and bacteria are very sensitive to heat and will die if exposed to high temperatures.


Fresh Water Wash.

The TD50 Thermal Dishwasher is a “Fresh Water Wash” machine which means the last wash is exactly the same as the first. The “Fresh Water Wash” system replaces the wash water every time to ensure you obtain the same consistent cleaning result. The specially timed thermal rinse of 2 minutes is set to 82°C and is followed by a cooling rinse to make the removal of crockery after the cycle, safe and easy


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