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The Perfect Water Filter

The Perfect Water Filter


• Utilising a unique Anti-scale Nano Energy Technology
(NET) and 3 uM carbon block, for optimum
• Eco friendly 3-piece filter housing is reusable with one
replaceable eco insert cartridges required.
• Effective against hardscale up to 130 °C with
magnesium retention for taste.
• Removes chlorine, bad tastes and odours, herbicides,
pesticides and organic chemicals for fresh tasting
• Simple installation from a Perfect Pint supported engineer, with
quarter turn release mechanism for easy maintenance.
• Capacity of 57.500 litres @180ppmThe Perfect Water Filter is your solution to any water quality issues you may encounter in your area.

  • Benefits

    •    Improved Cleaning Efficiency: The nano-energy technology alters the behaviour of calcium and magnesium in the water, reducing the likelihood of scale formation. This means that glassware is less likely to have spots or film left by hard water minerals, resulting in cleaner, clearer glasses.
    •    Scale Prevention: Hard water can cause scale buildup inside the machine, which can affect its performance and longevity. The nano-energy technology helps prevent this by addressing the mineral structure, while the 3 µm carbon block filter removes larger particles and sediments that could also contribute to scale and clog the machine.
    •    Consistent Performance: Maintaining the quality of
    the water with these technologies ensures that the glasswasher performs consistently well over time, providing reliable cleaning results.
    •    Enhanced Water Quality: The carbon block filter effectively removes chlorine, chloramines, and various organic compounds, improving the taste and odour of the water. This is particularly important in settings where the taste and smell of the glassware could affect the beverage experience.• Protection of Machine Components: By filtering out sediments and particulates, the carbon block filter protects the mechanical parts of the glasswashing machine. This can reduce wear and tear, potentially extending the machine’s lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.• Energy Efficiency: Scale buildup in a glasswasher can reduce its energy efficiency, as more heat is required to warm the water. By preventing scale, nano-energy technology helps maintain the machine’s energy efficiency.                                                                                                                        •   Enhanced Safety and Hygiene: While not a primary function, the carbon block filter can help in reducing larger pathogenic contaminants, contributing to overall hygiene

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