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The Perfect Pint Process


Over the past 25 years, Perfect Pint has been at the forefront of providing innovative and effective glass washing and care products, ensuring that every glass from behind the bar to the customer’s hand exemplifies perfection.


The Perfect Pint Process is a comprehensive 5-step solution engineered to guarantee excellence in glassware for the hospitality industry. Each step of the process plays a vital role in enhancing the overall drinking experience for customers and not only maximises the likelihood of serving ‘beer clean’ glasses, but also significantly reduces customer complaints and returned drinks.


In a market where 61% of customers will choose another venue after a less-than-perfect drink experience, our process not only ensures stellar results but is simple and easy to follow.

The relationship between clean glassware and turnover:


The quality of glass care impacts directly on your customer’s experience. A poorly washed glass that is not Beer Clean can adversely affect the taste and presentation of a drink. Good practice in glass care has been shown to hold the customer footprint for longer and increase revenue.

Common Problems found through Ireland :

•    Lip Stick Marks

•    Pint Head Collapsing

•    Lack of gas break out, due to build-up of protein and yeast and non-rinsing film

•    Food grease traces

•    Make up and or tan residue

•    Gas clusters/bubbles clinging to the sides of the glass (from detergent residues/non-rinsing film)

Benefits from Clean Glassware:


A good glass care programme using the correct detergents and a well-maintained quality glass washing machine along with a couple of other simple steps produces a consistently good result. This will ensure you serve mouth-watering drinks time and time again. Our methodology reliably produces a ‘Beer Clean’ glass every time, ensuring:

•    Great presentation, good head formation, colour and retention

•    Proper Lacing and rings

•    Consistent Gas Breakout

•    Good Sparkle and Life in lagers

•    No gas clusters/bubbles on glass walls

•    No “off” flavours


Key components of a good glass care programme:


•    Water Treatment (correct softness levels/clean water)

•    Rim Clean (Quash System or equivalent is a pre-wash removal for grease marks and lipstick from the lip area of all types of glassware)

•    Basket use (good water access and dispersion)

•    Chemicals (correct dosage of high-grade glass detergent and rinse aid)

•    Cyclical glass renovation (remove residue/non-rinsing film build up)

•    Glass Wash (water pressure/dispersion and temperature, no food/milk presence)

•    Dry (Air Dried)


How clean are your glasses?:


Three testing techniques to check for Beer Clean glassware that only take a few minutes which you can conduct yourself are the sheeting test, the salt test, and the lacing test, for details on these visit

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