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Transparent Glasses

About Us

As Ireland's only glasswashing specialists, Perfect Pint comes to you with over twenty years' experience of dealing with thousands of Irish pubs, hotels and clubs.


This experience was gained from our trading in glasswashing machines and chemicals.


Two of our suppliers, Proton Chemicals and Clenaware Systems, both used the same microbiologist consultant who specialised in glasswashing procedures. Much of their product development work was based on huge experience in the brewing industry and the requirements of the Brewer's Research Institute.


With their technical expertise in the drinks industry, combined with our ever-growing knowledge on the practical aspects of Irish glasscare requirements, we have become experts in the practical matters relating to keeping drinking glasses in pristine condition. We ensure our customers are always serving from 'beer-clean' glasses and because of this, personnel from Ireland's biggest brewers; Heineken and Diageo, recommend our service when product presentation is seen as a glassware issue. 


At, we provide downloadable resources which we expect to be helpful in solving common glassware problems. In many cases, these resources prove to be sufficient, but where this is not the case a follow up visit to your premises can be made for the purpose of a glasscare audit, technical advice and staff training.

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