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PERFECT Glasswash Detergent 2 x 5L

PERFECT Glasswash Detergent 2 x 5L

SKU: 71400

Part of a glass wash package formulated to be used with PERFECT Rinse Assist for constant use in auto-dosing cabinet machines to consistently deliver perfect glasses every time. Perfect Detergent is a unique formulation which prevents protein and yeast build up; removes food grease and tannin stains; optimises glass for continuous perfect beverage presentation enhancing the quality and presentation of dispensed drinks. The Perfect combination eliminates the need to Renovate glasses. 


Usage instructions


• Designed for constant use in cabinet glasswashers as per the machine manufacturer’s instructions. • On initial use you may experience a chlorine odor for a short period of time which occurs during the standardization of the machine.

• If glasses have not been recently Renovated, it may take 2-5 washes to reach a pristine condition.


Dosage information


• Usage range 3.0mls. per litre for soft water

• Usage range up to up to 5.0 mls. per litre for hard water.

• Always use PERFECT Detergent in conjunction with PERFECT Rinse Assist.


  • Safety Data Sheet

    View or download the product safety data sheet here.

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