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PERFECT Rinse Assist 2 x 5L

PERFECT Rinse Assist 2 x 5L

SKU: 71401

Part of a glass wash package formulated to be used with PERFECT Detergent for constant use in auto-dosing cabinet machines to consistently deliver perfect glasses every time. Perfect Rinse Assist promotes rapid drying and reduces spotting. 


Usage instructions


• Designed for constant use in cabinet glasswashers as per the machine manufacturer’s instructions. • On initial use you may experience a chlorine odor for a short period of time which occurs during the standardization of the machine.

• If glasses have not been recently Renovated, it may take 2-5 washes to reach a pristine condition.


Dosage information


• Usage range 0.3 mls. per litre for soft water

• Usage range up to up to 0.5 mls. per litre for hard water.

• Always use PERFECT Rinse Assist in conjunction with PERFECT Detergent.

  • Safety Data Sheet

    View or download the product safety data sheet here.

  • Benefits

    •    Prevents Protein and Yeast Build-Up: The detergent is specially formulated to tackle protein and yeast residues, common issues in glassware used for serving beverages like beer and wine. This prevents the accumulation of these residues, ensuring the glasses remain clean and hygienic.
    •    Effective Removal of Food Grease and Tannin Stains: It effectively cuts through food grease and removes tannin stains, which are typically left by beverages such as red wine. This ensures that the glassware is free from any unsightly stains or filmy residues.
    •    Promotes Rapid Drying: Perfect Rinse Assist is specially formulated to accelerate the drying process of glassware. This rapid drying feature is particularly beneficial in fast-paced environments, accelerating the glass drying time.
    •    Reduces Spotting: One of the key benefits of Perfect Rinse Assist is it’s ability to significantly reduce spotting on glassware. This results in clearer, more aesthetically pleasing glasses, free from unsightly water spots that can detract from the presentation.
    •    Enhances Shine and Clarity: The Rinse Assist not only reduces spotting but also enhances the overall shine and clarity of the glassware. This leaves glasses looking sparkling clean
    •    Optimises Glass for Continuous Perfect Beverage Presentation: Regular use of the detergent maintains the clarity and shine of the glassware, thus enhancing the quality and presentation of dispensed drinks. It ensures that each beverage served looks as good as it tastes.
    •    Routine Use Eliminates Need to Renovate Glassware: The comprehensive cleaning action of the detergent negates the necessity for periodic intensive glassware renovation. This saves time and resources while keeping the glassware in top condition.
    •    Maintains the Integrity of Glassware: The detergent is formulated to be gentle on glass, maintaining brand printing/etching and preventing pitting or clouding over time. This helps in preserving the integrity and appearance of the glassware for longer periods.
    •    Cost-Effective Cleaning Solution: By eliminating the need for separate glass renovation processes and extending the life of glassware, the detergent proves to be a cost-effective solution
    for businesses. By reducing the need for manual polishing and speeding up the drying process, Perfect Rinse Assist is both time-saving and cost-effective. It streamlines operations and reduces labour costs in commercial settings.

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