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Quash® Glass Pre-treatment System – Refill Pack

Quash® Glass Pre-treatment System – Refill Pack

SKU: 70603

The Quash® System is a unique patented method for the pre wash removal of grease marks and lipstick from the lip area of all types of glassware.

The refill pack is a refill for those that are already using and have a tray/applicator.

  • Product Description

    Quash® Refill pack is the refill for the Intro and where the Applicator tray is already in use.

    Safe, non-hazardous, simple and hygienic to use.  Simply twist the upturned glass in a solution filled foam pad and the glass is ready for washing in the normal way.

    Quash® should be used as part of your daily maintenance along with your regular glass washing practice, which can then reduce the frequency of the need to Renovate glassware.

    The refill packs includes 2 x 1L bottles of Quash® Concentrate & 4 x Sponges.

    Need the tray please look at the Quash® Intro Kit, already have the sponges or solution, simply top up with the other now available on there own.

  • Safety Data Sheet

    View or download the safety data sheet here.

  • Benefits

    • Effective Stain Removal Pre-Wash: Quash is specifically designed to remove all rim and outside stains from glassware before it enters the washing machine. It is highly effective at instantly removing difficult substances like grease and lipstick from the glass rims. These substances often require special attention and can be challenging to remove in a standard wash.
    • Optimal Preparation for ‘Beer Clean’ Glasses: By using Quash, every glass has the best possible chance of becoming ‘Beer Clean’ as it enters the washing machine. This term refers to a glass that is absolutely free from impurities, ensuring that beer maintains its flavour, appearance, and aroma when served.
    • Prevention of Cross-Contamination: Quash helps prevent the cross-contamination of germs from one user to another, a critical factor in maintaining high standards of hygiene and customer safety, especially in food and beverage establishments.
    • Safe, Simple, and Hygienic Usage: The design of Quash makes it safe and simple to use, without requiring extensive training or complicated procedures. Its usage promotes hygienic handling and cleaning of glassware.
    • Versatility for All Glassware: Quash is suitable for a wide range of glassware types, making it a versatile solution in any setting where various types of glasses are used.
    • Time and Cost Savings: By effectively removing stains and residues before the main wash, Quash reduces the need for rewashing or manual cleaning, saving both time and money in busy commercial settings.
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