Clenaware Sovereign 45 Glass Washing Machine Mark V(24 pint)

SKU: CS-A0001

The Soveriegn Range

Designed to be a fully integrated machine. It has everything you need for perfect glass washing, already built into it. The Sovereign glass washer also comes with not only the normal glass washing cycle; it also has its own dedicated ‘specialist’ cycles programmed into the software and are unique to Clenaware machines. The Sovereign glass washer is the ONLY glass washer to use a ‘Fresh Water Wash’. This system ensures the last wash is exactly the same as the first and the Sovereign machine is also WRAS approved.


PolyCarb Cycle

The Sovereign Glass Washer has a dedicated “Plastics Wash Cycle”, designed for washing plastic / polycarbonate glasses. The “Plastics Wash Cycle” adopts the correct washing process for plastics and therefore results in a much better wash. It also helps to pro-long the life span of plastic glasses.


Dedicated Renovate Cycle

The Sovereign Glass Washer has a dedicated “Renovate Cycle” for renovating glasses. This cycle removes the build up of non-rinsable films to make glasses like new again. The dedicated “Renovate Cycle” is unique to Clenaware machines; it can be run at any time without the need for emptying and re-filling the machine.


Integrated Design

The Sovereign Glass Washer is designed to be a fully integrated machine with everything that you need built into it. The Sovereign Glass Washer includes a rinse booster pump, a waste pump and chemical injection and sensoring. It also includes a built-in self diagnostics system and is WRAS approved.


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