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Clenaware Sovereign 50 Glass washing Machine (30 pint)

Clenaware Sovereign 50 Glass washing Machine (30 pint)

SKU: CS-A0002


The Sovereign Range

Designed to be a fully integrated machine. It has everything you need for perfect glass washing, already built into it. The Sovereign glass washer also comes with not only the normal glass washing cycle; it also has its own dedicated ‘specialist’ cycles programmed into the software and are unique to Clenaware machines. The Sovereign glass washer is the ONLY glass washer to use a ‘Fresh Water Wash’. This system ensures the last wash is exactly the same as the first and the Sovereign machine is also WRAS approved.

  • Installation Requirements

    Siting the Machine

    • The machine must be sited on a sound level surface.
    • A Machine Stand is recommended where possible as this raises the machine to a better working height.
    • The machines Adjustable Feet should always be used, as this will help level the machine and reduce the likelihood of Spraybars fouling the Wash Tank.
    • When fitting into an aperture, allow 50mm extra width and height for ventilation around the machine, and to aid with servicing.
    • All services to be within 1 metre of the machine.
    • Be sure to provide allowance for external Chemical Bottles, Water Softener, or Water Filter.

    Water Requirements

    • A single Hot or Cold-water supply can be connected.
    • A cold-water supply is recommended in conjunction with 30 Amp electrical supply.
    • The water supply must terminate with an easily accessible ¾” BSP Bibcock positioned within one metre of the machine.
    • The Sovereign incorporates a Break Tank with Type ‘A’ Airgap and integral rinse pump for optimum rinse performance, and which provides back-flow protection up to Fluid Category Five and can therefore be connected to any Mains or Storage water supply.
    • If the Water Hardness exceeds 8° Clark or 120 mg/l (ppm), water treatment, or chemicals designed for hard water must be used.
    • Water Pressure & Flow requirements: -

                   Hot                           0.5 – 1.5 Bar          @ 5 lt/min

    Or          Cold                          0.5 – 10 Bar           @ 5 lt/min

    Drain Requirements

    • The Sovereign incorporates a Pumped Waste System which requires a trapped open-vent 40mm Ø Up-Stand, a minimum of 450mm from the base of the machine.
    • The Outlet Hose of the machine is supplied with a Forming Hook which should be used on the end of the hose.
    • The Outlet Hose must not protrude too far into the Up-Stand otherwise siphoning may occur which will remove all water from the Wash Tank during a rinse.

    Electrical Requirements

    The Sovereign is suitable for 13 or 30 Amp connection. It is normally supplied ready for 30 Amp operation.  30 Amp operation is recommended.  

    • 30 Amp: A 4mm sq Mains Cable (fitted as standard) must be wired directly into a Double Pole Isolating Switch (with contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles).

                    The machine must be fused at 25 Amps.

    • 13 Amp: The machine can be de-rated to 13 Amp operation during installation with an internal wiring change, and also fitting a 15 Amp Mains Cable complete with 13 Amp Fused Plug-Top.

                   The machine must be fused at 13 Amps

    IN ALL CASES - This machine must be earthed. A Residual Current Device (RCD) is recommended.

  • Directions for Use

    View or download the operating instructions here.

    View or download the errors manual here.

  • Benefits

    •    A Greener Choice: With lower energy, water and chemical usage than standard glasswashers.
    •    Fresh Water Wash: The Sovereign Glasswasher stands out as it operates on a ‘Fresh Water Wash’ system. Unlike other machines that recycle wash water, it ensures that every washing cycle uses fresh water.
    This guarantees that the last wash is as clean as the first, maintaining consistent cleanliness and hygiene.
    •    Consistent ‘Perfect’ Results: With its fresh water for each wash and rinse cycle, the machine delivers the same high-quality cleaning results every time. This consistent performance is ideal for establishments prioritising the highest standards in glassware cleanliness.
    •    Dedicated Plastics Wash Cycle: This glasswasher uniquely caters to plastic and polycarbonate glasses with a specialised ‘Plastics Wash Cycle’ . It extends the life of plastic glassware by using the correct temperature and rinse-aid amount, preventing damage from inappropriate cleaning settings.
    •    Dedicated Renovate Cycle: The Sovereign Glasswasher is equipped with a unique ‘Renovate Cycle’ specifically designed for the use of renovate powder. Users simply need to select the ‘Renovate Cycle’ option, and the machine automatically adjusts to the optimal settings for using the renovate powder. This feature is particularly beneficial for deep cleaning and restoring the quality of glassware
    that has become cloudy or stained over time. It adds an extra layer of convenience and efficiency to the maintenance of glassware, ensuring that each glass retains its clarity and quality with minimal effort.
    •    Integrated Design: The Sovereign Glasswasher is a fully integrated machine, equipped with everything needed for optimal glass washing. It includes a rinse booster pump, waste pump, and chemical injection and sensing systems, streamlining the washing process.
    •    Built-in Self-Diagnostics System: The machine features an
    advanced self-diagnostics system, enhancing its reliability and
    ease of maintenance. This system helps in quickly identifying and resolving any operational issues.
    •    WRAS Approved: The Sovereign Glasswasher is UK WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved, ensuring compliance with high standards for water fittings, reflecting its safety and efficiency.

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