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Wire Coated Glass Washing Baskets

Wire Coated Glass Washing Baskets


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Wire coated glass washing baskets, designed specifically for complete wash water penetration of glass ware for ultimate cleaning results.

Available in three different sizes:

400mm x 400mm.

450mm x 450mm.

500mm x 500mm 

  • Benefits

    •    Improved Cleaning: The design of these baskets includes optimal spacing between wireworks, allowing for better water penetration from wash and rinse jets. This design ensures that glasses are washed and rinsed more thoroughly, leading to cleaner glassware and better results with every wash cycle.
    •     Intuitive Design: Unlike common glass baskets, these are constructed with robust wirework, coated in premium plastic with hygienic coating, enhancing their durability and longevity. Additionally, they feature corner protection mouldings, offering added durability and safeguarding against wear and tear.

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